Each Command Spanish® Online course utilizes the innovative Language Power-Lock System™ developed by Command Spanish®, Inc.

These online courses are developed and produced by an outstanding team of experts. No other company can boast such a winning team. We combine the expertise of computer program designers and language/curriculum design specialists with the knowledge and experience of real world practitioners (police officers, physicians, paramedics, probation and correctional officers, counselors, social workers, nurses, teachers, dentists, business persons, supervisors, etc.). Our Winning Team includes:

  • Nationally-recognized professors of Spanish and Second Language Acquisition;
  • Outstanding professors of curriculum and instructional design;
  • World-class Spanish language translators from the U.S. and Latin America;
  • Respected professional practitioners who serve as consultants to our projects; and
  • Award-winning computer programmers and graphic artists.


All courses also include the following features:

  1. Work-Specific Language. Unlike traditional Spanish courses that attempt to teach the whole language over an unspecified time period, Command Spanish® Online courses utilize techniques that teach specific occupational language in a reasonable time period that students work through at their own pace. For example, police officers learn how to use Spanish to arrest criminals, not to order tacos in a restaurant.

  2. Non-Grammar Based. In order to facilitate and accelerate language learning, Command Spanish® Online courses NEVER refer to grammar. It is the position of Command Spanish®, Inc. that the study of Spanish grammar in an occupational Spanish course only serves to restrict and/or impede learning.

  3. Phonetic Encoding. Because Command Spanish® provides survival Spanish for beginners, we utilize a highly effective phonetic encoding system to allow immediate control of Spanish pronunciation. Students do not have to learn complicated sound system rules!

  4. Generic Spanish. Command Spanish® Online courses are translated by a team of highly educated native speakers who are multi-national. The team includes Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Colombians, and Central Americans. Before an online course is made available to the public, all Spanish in that course must be approved by our team of translators, assuring that the Spanish will be understood by all Spanish-speakers from any Spanish-speaking country.

  5. One-Way Communication. Students learn how to SAY things in Spanish. Instead of following the traditional route of spending years studying Spanish in preparation for two-way communication, our students are able to utilize Spanish on their job after only a small amount of instruction. This is accomplished by using direct commands and simple statements, in order to relay directions and information.

  6. Diagnostic and Screen Questions. In addition to learning commands and statements for one-way oral communication, students also learn two types of control questions, which are designed to control potential responses and render them comprehensible. The first type of control question requires a “yes” or “no” response. For example: “Are you diabetic?” The second type of control question is called a “screen question.” It is constructed to screen out all language other than a plausible response. For example: “What is your name?” The only plausible response would include a name or names. Learning to use these types of questions allows participants to engage in information gathering without the years of study required to have open dialogue.